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AUTO ACCIDENT CLAIMS:  If you are involved in an accident & anyone is hurt call 911 & remember the following "STEPS":

S - Stop, are Statements available? Check for any independent witnesses and get their name & contact information. (Passengers tend to be biased and their statements do not have as much influence)
T - Take a photo if you have camera or cell phone with photo imaging.
E - Exchange insurance info with drivers of all other vehicles: name, address, phone numbers, license plate number and verify identity via drivers license number and vehicle registration.  If your vehicle is not drivable; you may have towed to the police impound lot or a body shop of your choice.  Keep any receipts including for transportation home.
P - Police: The law requires that if there are any injuries or if the damages are over $2,000, you must report to the police. Drop into the closest police station. Please keep in mind that the first report to the police records the circumstances as initially reported and may reflect responsibility contrary to your recollection, so please report as quickly as possible.  Collision Damage "stickers" from the police are required before body shops can begin repairs.
S - Shortly after the accident,(next business day) please contact  our Brokers to make an accident report providing the above details. You may also use the Insurance Company 24 hour emergency phone numbers provided at the time of your pink card and showing on the little grey accident form OR in the phone book or website for the insurance company.

When reported to us; we will arrange for the insurance company to set up a Claim File and assign a qualified Insurance Adjuster.  The adjuster will contact you for a formal statement as he or she will prefer to have your facts before determining any, all or partial responsibility.  Usually you are requested to take the vehicle to a body shop.

You may choose one or the insurance company can recommend shops that have provided good work to other customers. Often insurance companies have influence over shops they recommend and encourage that the shop satisfies you the customer. Should you choose the shop, please check that body shop is reputable and will stand behind their workmanship. Once you sign to accept the repaired vehicle the insurer will pay their bill, less your policy deductible which the shop will collect directly from you. If the other party in the accident is partly or fully responsible, your insurer will send a "Demand" letter requesting reimbursement to you for the deductible amount (or portion of responsibility e.g. 50%) and reimbursement of other costs.

In the case of significant damage a qualified auto Appraiser will be assigned to inspect the vehicle and consult with the auto repair mechanic as appropriate.  Once the circumstances and claim is approved by the Insurance Company you will be given authorization to proceed with the repairs.

The body shop will book a convenient time to service your vehicle.  Parts will be ordered in preparation for your appointment. If a rental vehicle is required you can contact a car rental agency. (e.g. Discount phone #310-CARS (310-2277) or Enterprise phone #1-800-261-7331) If you have purchased SEF20 - Loss of Use coverage; the insurer will reimburse for the appropriate period up to the policy limits.  Please check your policy, or ask the adjuster or broker to clarify.  Coverage ceases once your repairs are completed or the expense reaches the policy limit, or in the case of a "Total Write off Loss", once the insurance company offers a settlement value (write off value)

Your credit card is required by the rental agency as a security deposit to ensure the car is returned in satisfactory condition. If you have not purchased Loss of Use and the other party (third party) is at fault in the accident; you may contact the third party insurance company to cover your expense.

Insurance Companies have extensive experience on all kinds of claims situations.  The insurer will do the very best they can to expedite the claim promptly and fairly.  On rare occasions, conflicting versions of the accident circumstances require negotiation and may delay determining the final outcome.  Independent witnesses can be vital in substantiating the facts.

As your Independent Insurance Broker, Your Insurance Wizards are available to answer questions of coverage and procedure.  As your advocate; our staff will check details or aid communication with the various claims personnel.


Call 911 for fire emergency or if personal safety is in jeopardy.

Take immediate action to limit the damage!
For example in the case of water leaks or ruptured pipes turn off the water lines, remove valuables from standing water or soaked carpets.  If possible lift carpets to aid drying. Utilize fans or turn up the furnace to speed the drying process. For fire, break ins or weather damage; call qualified contractors such as disaster services or construction contractors to make emergency and temporary repairs. Please hold on to receipts for appropriate reimbursement.

Call Your Insurance Wizards at 403-250-9118 during business hours or your Insurance company's 24 hour claims emergency number. Emergency numbers are linked in our website. You may also find emergency numbers on our website, insurance company websites or in the phone book.

All policies have a deductible. (the amount you pay before the insurance company pays the balance - subject to policy coverage, conditions and limitations)

For very minor accidents you may choose not to pursue the claim as premium discounts for being claims free may not apply for several years. Our Insurance Wizards are happy to discuss options so you can make an informed choice.

How to Report a Claim

Our expert brokers are here to help explain the process at this stressful time. Please call 403-250-9118

24 hour emergency claims numbers are also outlined should you prefer contact outside our regular business hours. The Insurance companies will need your policy number. (auto policy numbers are on your pink cards) property policies and invoices also show your policy number.

More Information on Auto Claims:
Along with your pink card, we tucked an Accident Report form in your "pink card holder" to help outline the information required.